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How to Use Castor Oil For Eyelashes?

Whenever we talk about the beauty first thing that comes our way is the eyes, lips, nose, and ears likewise eyelashes is considered to be the main part of eyes obviously and also beauty. Stop worrying about it because it is something natural you can maintain it and make it even more beautiful without surgeries.

Castor oil and the laxative properties it includes is one of the essential things while discussing it. Castor oil, however, emerged as a wonderful remedy for the eyelash growth. So, no worries you’ve got a solution here if you wish to get thicker eyelashes you can probably use castor oil because castor oil does involve natural laxative property and also hair inducing growth properties. Castor oil is though used for many purposes as well.

Why is castor oil considered good for eyelash growth?

Castor oil is considered good for eyelash growth because it is rich in vitamin e and also rich in other proteins and minerals. With regular use of these antifungal and anti-bacterial properties, it helps in growth of your hair follicles and also strengthens them. This oil includes fatty acids along with ricinoleic acids when combined together makes a great anti-inflammatory product altogether.

What is the use of castor oil and how to use it for eyelashes?

As you now know the incredible effects of castor oil it is important to also know about its uses if you wish to get super perfect eyelashes. But before that, you should be aware of how to pick the right castor oil from the market. It’s important to only use cold-pressed and cold processed castor oil because these two castor oils are entirely pure and natural as these markets also provide industrial castor oil that is little different from that of natural castor oil and is not considered at all.

The best time to use castor oil is in the night and if you want to receive maximum out of it then you simply need to follow these steps:

  • The first step is to wash your face and eyes gently only with normal water and after that pad-dry it with a towel.
  • The second step is that take little castor oil and a clean mascara brush and just make sure to tap the extra drops and then firmly apply it on eyelashes just starting from the inner edge of the eye.

Just before applying something it is important to just make sure that oil that is applied to the roots of the eyelashes should be handled with utmost care and precision and make sure to repeat this process for the other eye as well.

Clean with Q-tip if you find the spreading of oil under the eye area and then the next coming morning clean your eyelashes doing this is important because due to spreading of oil it ruins your eye-makeup and obviously it will be annoying for you also make sure you do it or repeat it every night.

Now, what’s the wait for? As you are aware of how to get beautiful eyelashes it’s important for you to even work on it, isn’t it? So, try this new technique to grow your eyelashes and look bold and beautiful.

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