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virat and rohit friendship Must Read if love cricket

Virat and rohit are good friends also is a good cricket player in the word – virat and rohit is funnist friends he enjoye his friendship and much read full article.

virat and rohit friendship Must Readif love cricket

Virat Kohli says Rohit Sharma funniest, Yuvraj Singh never orders food

Virat Kohli has revealed that Rohit Sharma is the funniest player in the current Indian team. Kohli made an appearance on Gaurav Kapoor’s chat show, Breakfast with Champions, in which he revealed the dressing room secrets.

Kohli said while Rohit is the funniest among his teammates, the Mumbaikar’s also has the habit of forgetting things of everyday life.

“Rohit Sharma is actually one of the funniest people you will ever come across. If he has to address some issue, he will do so in his typical ‘tapori’ (Mumbai Street lingo) style, like if I have to say, there’s a lot of traffic in Lokhandwala. He’ll say, ‘There’s a lot of this over there’. Then we wait… five seconds, 10 seconds…’But it’s very this, man’. Basically, it is up to you to understand. I have said what I had to now it’s up to you and how sharp your brain is…I’m, not going to explain what I’m talking about’,” Kohli said.

The number of things Rohit Sharma forgets, I’ve never seen anyone else so forgetful. iPad, wallet, phone…not the small things, but daily use essentials…I don’t care, I’ll get  new one. he has no idea he’s left something, the bus would’ve travelled half way to the hotel and then he remembers ‘Oh, I left my iPad on the plane’. He’s left his passport also a few times. It was really difficult retrieving it. The logistical manager always asks, ‘Does Rohit Sharma have all his stuff?’. Once he gets a yes from Rohit then only does the bus departs,” he said.

Kohli, however, was all praise for Rohit, who holds the record for highest individual score in one day internationals.

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