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reasons to watch Priyanka Chopra’s American TV series ‘Quantico’

THUMBNAILSFULLSCREEN Comments1 / 5 Priyanka Chopra makes her debut on American television with the thriller Quantico that has just begun airing on ABC. Though this is not the first time that actors and actresses from India have appeared on American screens before it is quite a pathbreaking achievement for Priyanka.

reasons to watch Priyanka Chopra’s American TV series ‘Quantico’

Anil Kapoor made an appearance in both Slumdog Millionaire and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Frieda Pinto has acted in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and other films. Irrfan Khan had a small role in the The Amazing Spider-Man and a much bigger role in Jurassic World. So, why does Priyanka’s role in Quantico stand out? For starters, she is the lead character in Quantico. She does not play a supporting character unlike most Indians before her. Also, Quantico is being aired on ABC, one of the leading television channels in the United States, making it a mainstream series. If Quantico succeeds in gaining a large audience, Priyanka might just find herself heading to Hollywood soon. Text: Shivankar Jay THUMBNAILSFULLSCREEN

Though Priyanka is Indian, she plays the character of a half-Indian, half-Caucasian young woman called Alex Parrish. It is a welcome change from the usual method of casting Indian origin actors and actresses to play Indian characters like Dev Patel in Slumdog Millionaire, Ben Kingsley in Gandhi and so on.

Quantico supports diversity in roles with a gay man and a muslim woman as part of the ensemble cast. Priyanka’s half-Indian lead character is an improvement over the earlier trend of having Indian characters as taxi drivers and store owners. Hopefully, this

The lead roles in action thrillers are usually played by actors so it comes as quite a surprise to see an actress play the lead in Quantico. Alex Parrish is quite a delight to watch. She has a no-nonsense attitude and is more than capable in her role of a FBI recruit.

In a reversal of genders we even see Alex have a fling with a fellow trainee who begins to develop feelings for her. She is focussed on her job however. We also see how she deals with an abusive father who beats up her mother.

Quantico is the story of a group of recruits in the FBI. In the aftermath of a terror attack in New York City, it is revealed that one of the recruits is suspected to be the mastermind.

Featuring a gripping storyline with twists and turns, Quanticolooks like a sure winner.

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