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Do you have to think twice before eating out because you are unsure of how your stomach might react? Same! This is a constant problem for people with weak digestion. You can never guess what food might trigger acidity or even stomach cramps. There are several natural ways of improving your digestion.


Consume herbal teas


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And not the kind you can find in chemists and stores. You can prepare herbal teas at home as well. The best tea you can have, to improve your digestion is ginger tea. To make some, add a few slices of fresh ginger to 1 glass of water and let the water boil till it turns yellow. Now strain this tea and add honey to it. Consume this tea daily or after meals. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which heal the gut from within. Ginger tea also works great for nausea and cramps.


Have fermented food


Source: Urban Cultivator


Fermented food has loads of bacteria. But these are the good ones. These bacteria help to improve digestion and remove any toxins from the body as well. Unfortunately, when we take medicines and anti-biotic, we kill such friendly microorganisms in our digestive system and this can lead to several problems.


Keep a check on your water intake



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We know that the general rule is to have 7 to 8 glasses of water every day. However, the fact is that you do not need that much unless you are losing that much water. Having too much of it can actually lead to indigestion. For people who suffer from indigestion quite frequently, it is best to avoid consuming lots of water right before having a meal or right after having a meal. Too much water will dilute the digestive enzymes and lead to indigestion and bloating.


Have a fibre rich diet


Source: weightlossresources


Fibre is extremely important for the digestive system. If you are someone who consumes too much white flour products or foods which are starchy, then you might experience several digestion issues. To balance things out, it is important to have fibre rich foods like green vegetables and salads. In short, eat what your mom gives you!




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