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Women different from Men

What makes the Women different from Men?

In the 21st century, the world is changing at a rapid rate, but the society remains same. The patriarchal society still categories the women as weak and timid whereas men as strong and intelligent. In reality, both the sexes are same; it is the society which has drawn a demarcation between the two genders. Here are 12 factors which make the women different from men on the biological basis.

1. Mind connection

According to medical studies, both the sexes have different minds connections. Men’s brain connection run on the same side between the front and the back. In females, connections are run between the left and right hemisphere from side to side.

2. Lung capacity

Males have 30% more lung capacity as compared to females.

3. Leadership qualities


Mostly leadership positions in the organization are taken by the men. Due to stereotypical society, females were not given any such opportunities.

4. Rationality

During the extreme situations, men act with logic whereas women react with emotionality.

5. Discrimination

Patriarchal society has laid separate codes and conduct for both the sexes. As a result, there is various discrimination in the law, culture, and society.

6. Crime

Mostly males are engaged in the fields of crime. Females except prostitution have lower arrest rates

7. Diseases


Around the world, 90% cases of primary biliary cirrhosis are found in females. Whereas in men, primary sclerosing cholangitis is found.

8. Solving the problems


In the human body, there is a component called frontal lobe which helps in solving the problems. Females have larger limbic cortex as compared to men

9. Excellency

In the field of mathematics and geography, males perform better because they have a larger parietal cortex. Females are excellent in the field of arts.

10. Higher temperature

Men have the low metabolism as a result women can withstand more efficiently in higher temperatures.

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